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The website of the Inspectorate of classified installations is managed by the:

Ministry for ecology, energy, sustainable development, and spatial planning

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Legal information

The information presented on this website as well as links to other websites is provided for convenience only.
With the exception of the iconography, the reproduction (on a non-profit basis) of pages of this website is permitted provided that its source is mentioned. However, the content of this website cannot be reproduced or used for commercial or advertising purposes.

No page shall be construed as originating from this website if modified in such a way as to alter its meaning.

No authorisation is required to place a hypertext link to our website, on the home page or any inside page. Wherever possible, we try to maintain the URL addresses of stable pages.

The Ministry is not liable for the content of any websites linked to this site by hypertext links.

In accordance with the French law (article 27 of law no. 78.17 of 06.01.78 on information technology, personal files and freedom) you have the right to obtain access to and rectify personal data; you can exercise this right by contacting:

Ministry for ecology, energy, sustainable development, and spatial planning
Vice-Directorate for the quality of life and information
Secretariat of the Communication Department
20, Avenue de Ségur - 75302 PARIS 07 SP.

Users shall be responsible for queries made as well as their interpretation and use of the results, in compliance with applicable regulations as well as the recommendations of the French National Commission for information technology and freedom (CNIL) when the data is of a personal nature (law no. 78.17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, personal files and freedom, known as law on information technology and freedom).

The information provided may only be used for personal, associative or professional purposes; any distribution or use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.