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Fuel depots

Contexte et enjeux

Fuel depots can be found at many levels of our day-to-day life:

The storage of petroleum products generally represents 2 main categories: flammable liquids and gases, including in particular liquefied combustible gases (LCGs). Only flammable liquids, with the exception of service stations, are tackled here. The special case of Liquefied Combustible Gases (LCG: butane, propane etc.) is tackled on the “gas depots” page.

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Installations classees

Nomenclature sections: - 1432 - 1433 - 1434

Standard orders: (253 - 261 bis) annulled - 1434


Circular and technical instruction of 9 November 1989 relative to old flammable liquid depots, amended by the Circular of 31 January 2007
Circular of 6 May 1999 relative to existing flammable liquid depots and the suppression of flammable liquid fires
Ministerial order of 4 September 1986 relative to the reduction in the air emissions of hydrocarbons from storage activities
Ministerial order of 8 December 1995 on the control of VOC emissions resulting from the storage of petrol and its distribution from terminals to service stations