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Annual emissions disclosure

Every year, the Ministry for ecology, sustainable development and spatial planning collects data relative to pollutant emissions into the air, water, soil and waste of classified installations.

This data must be entered onto a specifically dedicated website : http://www.declarationpollution.ecologie.gouv.fr (available as of 04 January 2007).

As access to this website is restricted, you must use the identifier and password provided. If you do not have one, you can apply for it via the homepage of the disclosure website.

For 2007 (2006 emissions disclosure), the schedule is as follows :

This data is used to make information on emissions available to the general public, at national level at http://www.pollutionsindustrielles.ecologie.gouv.fr, or on the website of the European EPER register http://eper.eea.eu.int/eper/ available since 23 February 2004 (obligations defined by ministerial order of 24 December 2002). The data on CO2 emissions will be used to constitute the register created to implement the directive of 13 October 2003 establishing a greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme within the community. Air emissions data is also used by Citepa when carrying out national emissions inventories, aimed at demonstrating French compliance with international commitments as well as with European directives.

On the disclosure website, you will find a user’s guide with the information required for the completion of this on-line disclosure as well as various on-line help menus.

The “Industry” disclosure includes the following sections :

If you are subject to the TGAP-Air (General Tax on Polluting Activities) or charges stipulated by the legislation on water, the data collection required for the payment of these taxes is the responsibility of the Customs services and water agencies, who will send you the appropriate documents directly.

In case of difficulty, you can contact the Inspector of classified installations allocated to your facility.