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Personnel training

The operator of a classified installation must guarantee the professional qualification and sufficient safety training of his personnel. Specific training must be provided to the personnel assigned to the running or monitoring of installations likely, in case of malfunction, to affect personal safety.

As well as being qualified in the position held, the different agents and people involved on site, including temporary or subcontracting personnel, should be trained in the risks inherent in the installations, procedures to follow in case of incident or accident and the implementation of intervention resources.

Measures are taken to verify the level of knowledge and ensure this level is maintained.

This training includes in particular :

For the permanent personnel, this training should also include :

In Seveso sites, the major accident prevention policy or Safety Management System (SGS) formally and factually reiterates all these obligations, the training of personnel and external stakeholders being a crucial element of the operator’s safety policy.

Certain types of training require the involvement of approved organisations :