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Why draw up a permit application?

Law no. 76-663 of 19 July 1976 relative to classified installations for environmental protection (integrated into the environmental code since 2000) and its implementing decree no. 77-1133 of 21 September 1977 stipulate that industrial installations of a certain scale must, in the interest of environmental protection, prior to their start-up, be subject to a permit in the form of a prefectural order stipulating the requirements that the operator will have to comply with to ensure this protection.
This permit is issued by the Prefect following examination by the administrative services, public enquiry and appearance before the Departmental Council for the environment and health and technological risks (CODERST).
The examination and enquiry are carried out based on an application file, the structure of which is defined in the different pages of the “General Information” / “Permit System” sections of this website.
In all cases, one must refer to the legislation and regulations on classified installations, published in brochure no. 1001 by the Official Journals (26, rue Desaix in Paris).

These pages are simply a guide highlighting the basic elements to be included in all applications. In the case of special installations, particularly large, noxious or hazardous, additional information must be provided in accordance with the specific requirements of the Inspectorate of classified installations.