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Waste oils

Context and challenges

Waste oils can be of mineral or synthetic origin, and are distinguished by their usage:

  • black oils include engine oils and certain industrial oils (quenching oil, rolling oil, drawing oil and other metal machining oils): these oils are highly degraded and contaminated,
  • clear oils generated by transformers, hydraulic circuits and turbines: they are hardly contaminated and generally contain water and particles. Oils containing PCB/PCT, used edible oils and cutting fluids are subject to special requirements.


    Directive of 16 June 1975 (75/439/CEE) amended by the directive of 22 December 1986 (87/101/CEE) (OJEC of 25/07/75 and 12/02/87)

Decree no. 79-981 of 21 November 1979 amended by decree no. 85-387 of 23/03/85 and by decrees no. 89-192 of 24/03/89, no. 89-648 of 3/08/89 and no. 93-140 of 3/02/93 regulating waste oils and by administrative simplification decree no. 97-503 of 21 May 1997 (art. 44) (OJ of 22/05/97)

Orders of 28 January 1999 regulating the recovery and disposal of waste oils: