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Useful sites

Ministry’s website – waste section
Waste legislation 2Asbestos:2 AIDA / Asbestos
Ministry in charge of health / Asbestos
Public health code 2Waste electrical and electronic equipment2 AIDA / WEEE

Ministry / WEEE
ADEME / WEEE 2Packaging:2 AIDA / packaging
Ministry / packaging
ADEME/ Packaging 2Waste oils:2 AIDA / waste oils
PARIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry / waste oils
ADEME/Waste oils 2Batteries and accumulators:2 AIDA / batteries and accumulators
PARIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry / batteries and accumulators
ADEME / batteries and accumulators 2Tyres:2 AIDA / tyres
PARIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry / tyres
ADEME/Used tyres 2End-of-life vehicles:2 MEDAD / ELV
PARIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry / ELV 2Contact2 MEDAD: Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning
ADEME: Agency for the environment and energy management
INRS: Research and Safety Institute
CCIP: Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry
DRIRE: Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment
STIIIC: Interdepartmental Technical service of the Paris Police Headquarters for the Inspection of Classified Installations (Ile-de-France and surrounding area)
DDSV: Departmental Veterinary Services