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Urban Travel Plan (PDU)

What does this consist of?

The urban travel plan (PDU) relates to agglomerations of over 100,000 inhabitants and aims at reducing motor vehicle traffic by optimising transport organisation within these agglomerations. This is one of the planning tools designed to reduce the level and effects of air pollution on health and the environment instituted by the law on air and the rational use of energy of 30 December 1996.

It is established and implemented by the competent authorities in terms of transport.

The urban travel plan:

  • defines the organisational principles for the transport of people and goods, traffic and parking, within the scope of urban transport,
  • aims at ensuring sustainable balance between mobility and access requirements on the one hand and the protection of health and the environment on the other,
  • should enable the coordinated use of all modes of travel by promoting those that are least polluting and energy consuming,
  • specifies measures to be implemented in terms of management and operation,
  • seeks to limit the use of cars.


    Law no. 96-1236 of 30 December 1996 on air and the rational use of energy, integrated into the article L222-8 of the Environmental Code
    - Law no.82-1153 of 30 december 1982 on the orientation of inner transport (article 28 and following)