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Textile, clothing

Sector's classified installations

Nomenclature sections: 2310231123122315 - 2320

Furthermore, textile companies may be concerned by different sections of the nomenclature corresponding with “utilities” necessary for the industrial process such as combustion installations (section 2910).

Classified Installations Legislation references


Context, issues and problems

One of the environmental issues for companies in the textile sector, in particular for fiber washing or treatment activities, can be the discharge into the water of toxic, metallic or organic products used in the process.

Textile – clothing activities are regulated by the general legislation, and in particular the order of 2 February 1998 relative to the water withdrawal and consumption as well as all types of emissions of permit holding classified installations for environmental protection.

It should be noted that this order stipulates, in article 30, paragraph 22, specific requirements for coating applications, notably onto textile supports, with regard to solvent emissions.

Ongoing actions in the sector

Within the framework of the work carried out prior to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, in order to reduce the discharge of these toxic substances, certain companies can be included in the discharge inventory programmes launched by the DRIRE and water agencies. Depending on the amount of discharge, product toxicity and impact on the environment, discharge reduction or elimination initiatives may be required.

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