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Scrap metal dumps

Sector's classified installations

Classification sections: 167 - 322

Classified Installations Legislation references

Decree no. 2003-727 of 1st August 2003 relative to the construction of vehicles and disposal of end-of-life vehicles

Circular of 30 July 2003 relative to the procedures applicable in case a radioactivity detector is triggered in landfills, incineration treatment centres, scrap metal recovery sites and foundries

Context, issues and problems

Generally speaking, this activity sector was one of the first to get organised for the recycling of metals and alloys with a view to preserving resources and limiting the price of raw materials.

Collection, treatment and recovery systems have been implemented to limit the production of waste and encourage the reuse and recovery of components.

A specific circuit is in place for end-of-life vehicles (ELV). The vehicles concerned are individual cars, vans and three-wheeled mopeds.

Ongoing actions in the sector

Reference documents on the best available techniques (BAT) in the ferrous or non-ferrous metal treatment industry