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Regional Plan for Air Quality (PRQA)

What does this consist of?

The regional plan for air quality (PRQA) was introduced by the law on air and the rational use of energy of 30 December 1996 and amended by decree 98-362 of 6 May 1998, integrated into articles R222-1 to R2222-12 of the Environmental Code. It consists of setting medium and long-term approaches to prevent or reduce air pollution in order to attain the objectives in terms of air quality defined in this plan.
The establishment and monitoring of the PRQA were transferred to the Regional Councils by virtue of the law relative to local democracy of 27 February 2002. This plan is based on the measurement of air quality and emissions inventory. It is used as a tool for scheduling, information and public dialogue at regional level.
To meet the objectives in terms of air quality, it sets orientations to prevent or curb air pollution or reduce its effects. Revised every 5 years, this plan should be submitted for public consultation.