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Paper mills, cardboard mills

Sector's classified installations

Classification sections: 1530, 2430, 2440, 2445, 2910
Standard orders: 2910.
Correspondence with former sections: 330 (2440), 333 (2430)

Classified Installations Legislation references

Order of 3 April 2000 relative to the paper industry
Wood / paper / cardboard storage: combustible products
Approval, standardisation, temporary selling authorisation
Order of 8 January 1998 stipulating the technical requirements applicable to the land spreading of sludge on agricultural soil pursuant to decree no. 97-1133 of 8 December 1997 on the land spreading of wastewater treatment sludge
AIDA / woodwork

Context, issues and problems

Paper manufacturing and processing involves the operation of a combustion facility and the storage of wood / paper / cardboard, and generates sludge, as a result of wastewater treatment and/or de-inking process (recycling of recovered cardboard).

Ongoing actions in the sector

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Useful sites

IREP: French Register of pollutant emissions
OIEAU: International WATER Office
INERIS: National Institute of industrial environment and risks