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Powders and explosives

Sector's classified installations

Nomenclature sections: 1310 - 1311 - 1312 - 1313

These sections and associated thresholds are being amended.

Standard orders: 1310 2c - 1311

Classified Installations Legislation references

Decree 71-753 of 10/09/71 relative to authorisations for the production, sale, importing and exporting of powders and explosive substances.

Decree 79-846 of 28 September 1979, regulating the public administration of the protection of workers against the specific risks to which they are exposed in pyrotechnic facilities.

Order of 26 September 1980, establishing the rules to determine isolation distances relative to pyrotechnic installations (order currently being amended)

Circular of 10 May 1981 (Circular currently being amended)

Context, issues and problems

The domain of powders and explosives is particularly vast. For historical reasons, there are a lot of regulations applicable to pyrotechnic activities (both military and civilian).

4 principal domains of activity subject to specific regulations can be distinguished:

  • The production, sale or purchase of powders and explosive substances and products
  • Safety in the production, storage and use of explosive substances or products
  • The environmental protection related to activities implementing or storing explosive substances or products
  • The transport of these products

The production, importing, exporting, trading, use, transport and conservation of powders and explosive substances are dependent on a technical approval and the authorisations and monitoring of State services. These public safety and national defence requirements are reflected in law no. 70-575 of 3 July 1970 reforming the powder and explosive substances system. This website is specifically dedicated to the classified installations in this sector. Readers can refer to the regulations of other ministries.

For further information: website of the vice-directorate for industrial safety and metrology.

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