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Waste management should be organised in the territory. A harmonious network of treatment installations should be organised in order to have sufficient disposal capacity and limit the unnecessary transport of waste. This requires the evaluation, in a given territory, of waste production by category, anticipated management methods (prevention, reuse, recycling, organic recovery, thermal treatment etc.) and equipment needed to be implemented (waste sorting unit, waste collection centres, treatment installations).

The decisions of public legal entities (including the Prefect for classified installations) must be compatible with the plans. 2PREDIS2 The establishment of “Regional plans for the disposal of Special Industrial Waste” (PREDIS) has been the responsibility of Regional Councils since 2002. 2PEDMA2Household and similar waste disposal Plans” (PEDMA) are a key element of the waste management strategy within a geographical department or, in the case of the Ile-de-France, region. These plans are established under the authority of the Prefect but also, since 1st January 2005, that of departmental Councils and the Regional Council for the Ile-de-France. 2Waste management plans in the construction sector2 The Circular of 15 February 2000 relates to the implementation, in each department, of planning for the treatment of construction waste. Is also reiterates that clients, companies and industrial stakeholders are part of an economic and technical chain. Waste treatment and disposal is the responsibility of the entire chain. 2PREDAS2 These are Regional Healthcare Waste Disposal Plans. The Circular of 27 June 1997 stipulated the obligation of establishing a specific healthcare waste disposal plan or integrating a “healthcare waste” section into the PREDIS. 2National PCB and PCT disposal and decontamination plan2 This plan prescribes a decontamination and disposal schedule of listed appliances guaranteeing their disposal and decontamination by 31 December 2010 at the latest. The age of the appliances and a good maintenance level were selected as the main criteria for the disposal timetable.