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Laundry, bleaching, dry cleaning

Sector's classified installations

Nomenclature sections: 2340 (formerly 91) – 2345 (formerly 251)
Standard order: 2345

Classified Installations Legislation references

Order of 2 May 2002 relative to the operational requirements applicable to classified installations for environmental protection with a declaration obligation under section 2345 relative to the use of solvents for dry cleaning and the treatment of textiles or clothes.

Context, issues and problems

The laundry/bleaching/dry cleaning activity generates nuisances: odours, air pollution (halogenated solvents: perchlorethylene, trichlorethylene), water pollution (general pollutants, hazardous substances), waste (sludge, filters)

Ongoing actions in the sector

National action in 2008: A random inspection campaign will be carried out in the dry cleaning sector to assess the installations’ compliance level with the order of 2 May 2002. These inspections will notably relate to the main operational requirements with regard to the risks associated with the use of perchloroethylene. This campaign will target approximately 200 dry cleaning installations nationally, in the form of spot checks in the 2nd semester of 2008.

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