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Industrial waste treatment

Sector's classified installations

Classification sections: 167, or 95, 98bis, 128, 129, 286, 329, 2170, 2730, 2731, 2740, 2799

Classification of waste-related activities within the nomenclature of CIs

Standard orders: 2170, 2730, 2731

Context, issues and problems

Hazardous waste treatment

The French industrial activity produces 35 million tons of ordinary industrial waste (non-hazardous), with collection or treatment processes similar to household waste, and 7 million tons of hazardous waste (See: survey on corporate waste – 2004 Report on hazardous and non-hazardous waste on ADEME’s website).

Half of the hazardous waste is treated by the industrial facilities that produce it; the other half is transported to specialised collective centres.

The main methods to dispose of hazardous industrial waste are incineration and storage.

A regional plan for the disposal of industrial waste (PREDIS) must be established in every region.

Local information and monitoring committees (CLIS) ensure dialogue between local residents, local authorities and operators.

Waste management policy

The new policy on waste

Ongoing actions in the sector

Communication campaign “Let’s cut down on our waste, it’s overflowing

Control of waste treatment circuits

Useful sites

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