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Domestic waste treatment

Sector's classified installations

Classification sections: 322, 2710

Classification of waste-related activities within the nomenclature of CIs

Standard order: 2710

Context, issues and problems

During the National Conference on Waste, new orientations were defined in terms of waste management: the new policy on waste (September 2005):

A principle was established: involve French people in the waste management process. Waste management can no longer be perceived as a mere service; the French must show greater commitment.

An objective was set: the production of household waste currently amounts to 360 kg per person per year, of which 290 kg is incinerated or landfilled. The objective set is that, within 5 years, only 250 kg be landfilled or incinerated and, within 10 years, this amount be reduced to 200 kg.

Two priorities for meeting this objective:

  • prevention…
  • recycling development…

Two crucial pre-requisites:

  • Better acceptance of the waste management process …
  • Share information…

Waste management policy

ADEME’s website

Ongoing actions in the sector

Communication campaign “Let’s cut down on our waste, it’s overflowing

The action undertaken to ensure the compliance and monitoring of household waste incineration plants

Rehabilitation of unauthorised landfills (the objective is that all unauthorised sites be shut down by March 2007)

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