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Bitumen and coated materials

Sector's classified installations

Classification sections: 1430/1432 - 15202515 - 2517 - 25212522 - 2915

Standard orders: 2515- 2517 - 2521 - 2522

Classified Installations Legislation references

Order of 02/02/98 relative to the water withdrawal and consumption as well as all types of emissions of permit holding classified installations for environmental protection

Context, issues and problems

The hydrocarbons stored and used (tar and fuel oil) as well as the operation of a combustion installation are, in case of a malfunction, sources of air and soil pollution.

Furthermore, the manufacturing of bituminous materials is generally carried out in mobile installations, during periods of less than one year: a temporary permit (without enquiry or local residents’ opinion) is therefore frequently requested, in accordance with the provisions of article 23 of amended decree no. 77.1133 of 21 September 1977.

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