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Asbestos waste

Context and challenges

Asbestos has been used in numerous materials and products due to its acoustic, thermal insulation and heat-resistant properties.
However, its effects on health have led to the monitoring and progressive limitation of its usage as well as protection measures for the people exposed.
Thus, the production, processing, marketing, selling, importing or transfer in any way of all varieties of asbestos fibres, whether or not these substances are incorporated into materials, products or processes, has been prohibited in France since 1st January 1997.
This prohibition does not concern waste management, which is subject to specific legislation.


Amended decree no. 88-466 of 28 April 1988 relative to products containing asbestos.

Decree no. 96-1133 of 24/12/96 on the asbestos ban, pursuant to the French Employment Code and Consumption Code

Decree no. 96-98 of 07/02/96 relative to the protection of workers against the risks associated with inhaling asbestos dust

Circular no. 96/60 of 19 July 1996 relative to the disposal of waste generated by flocking and thermal insulation containing asbestos in the construction sector

Circular no. 2005/18 UHC/QC2 of 22 February 2005 relative to the disposal of asbestos waste associated with inert materials

Order of 29 July 2005 defining the form of the hazardous waste disposal receipt mentioned in article 4 of decree no. 2005-635 of 30 May 2005 amended by the order of 16 February 2006 (OJ of 17/03/06)

Order of 15 March 2006 establishing the list of types of inert waste allowed in inert waste storage facilities and the operating conditions of these facilities

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