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Animal or vegetable food products

Sector's classified installations

Classification sections: 2220, 2221

Standard orders: 2220

Classified Installations Legislation references

European legislation:
Council Directive 96/61/CE of 24 September 1996 relative to Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control.

National legislation:
Environmental code, legislative section book V (law no. 76-663 of 19 July 1976 relative to classified installations for environmental protection).
Articles R512-56 to R512-66 and R514-5 of the environmental code defining the periodic monitoring procedures for certain categories of classified installations with a declaration obligation
Environmental code book V title 1 regulatory section
Order of 29 June 2004 on the operational assessment provided for by amended decree no. 77-1133 of 21 September 1977.
Amended order of 24 December 2002 relative to the annual emissions disclosure of permit holding classified installations.
Order of 2 February 1998 relative to the water withdrawal and consumption as well as all types of emissions of permit holding classified installations for environmental protection
Circular of 25/07/06 relative to operational assessment
Circular of 06/12/04 relative to operational assessment
Circular of 14/06/94 interpreting the nomenclature

Context, issues and problems

(Preparation or conservation)

The food processing sector, which includes a broad variety of trades and skills, is the number one national industry in terms of turnover.

The main environmental issue for this sector is water management, both in terms of consumption and discharge level. Liquid wastewater must be treated so that the discharge is compatible with the natural milieu into which it is discharged.

These industries can also store ammonia for cooling units and use air cooling towers, potential legionella disease carriers.

They can also, depending on the type of food produced, generate odour nuisances.

Ongoing actions in the sector

2221: ongoing drafting of a general requirement order for section 2221.

2220: amendment of the ministerial order of 17/06/05: addition of a provision specific to periodic monitoring.

Reference document on the best available techniques in the food processing and dairy industries (summary)

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