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Air Protection Plan (PPA)

What does this consist of?

In order to take into account the significant issue of air pollution, European and French public authorities have implemented planning policies to improve air quality, looking forward to 2010. The objective of the air protection plan is to provide, for the most populated conurbations (over 250,000 inhabitants) or highly polluted areas, following a dialogue process, binding measures to be taken by each authority in order to ensure compliance with limit values as well as emergency measures in case of a risk of exceeding alert thresholds.

The decree of 25 May 2001 defines the elaboration procedure and dialogue process for the PPAs.

The project should be submitted to public enquiry. It is then enacted by prefectural order.


Decree no. 2001-449 of 25 May 2001 relative to air protection plans and measures to be implemented to reduce the emissions of air pollution sources, integrated into articles R222-13 to R222-36 of the Environmental Code]

Circular of 12 August 2002 relative to the establishment of air protection plans

Decree no. 85-453 of 23 April 1985 implementing law no. 83-630 of 12 July 1983 relative to the democratisation of public enquiries and environmental protection, integrated into the Environmental Code (Book 1, Title II, Chapter III.